Monday, October 25, 2010

The Washington-Texas jinx (a/k/a "Santa Anna's curse")

No Team located in Washington or Texas has won a world series game since 1933.

This includes 177 seasons of baseball.

50 years of Washington Senators/Texas Rangers baseball
49 years of Houston baseball
The last 27 Years of old Washington Senators baseball
6 years of Washington Nationals baseball
34 years of Seattle Mariners baseball
1 Year of Seattle Pilots baseball

I call this the Santa Anna curse. President Santa Anna of Mexico hexed his twin enemies of Washington and Texas in the future sport of beisbol.

UPDATE 11/2/2010: Although it has been pointed out that it is still the case that no team located in Texas or Washington has won a World Series since 1924 and that the team that perpetuated the streak this year is the representative of a hispanic-named city, San Francisco,  that, therefore, the General Santa Anna curse lives on.   But, I declare that after Texas' lone World Series win in 2010, the curse has ended.  Appropriately: 177 seasons of baseball frustration ended in the year in which Santa Anna was presidente of Mexico exactly 177 years ago exactly.