Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rebecca Black: A WAY better than average pop song, and a revolution to boot

So like millions of others, I tuned into Rebecca Black's "Friday" expecting to hate it.

You know what: I didn't hate it. In fact I liked it way better than most of the "modern pop" that washes ashore on my already overloaded musical plate. Liked it way better than Gaga, Train, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry .. you name it. It is something that I will probably watch again. Why? The utter lack of star-pretension. The acting like she and her friends are having a good time without really acting. The guilelessness of it.

And the fact that it was done for $2000 has the makings of a revolution. Finally a technology/business model made for Youtube: pre-written songs that you stop in and record at a shopping mall and if you like the result you can get a music video cut for as low as $2000.

Then you wait for all the viral stuff to happen .. if it happens. There is already one of these places in St. Louis called StreetDreamz at St. Louis Mills.