Friday, May 6, 2011

Peabody Opera House at The Henry W. Kiel Auditorium

I don't like naming the old Kiel Opera house "Peabody" and especially don't like the use "The Peabody". "The Peabody" is the hotel in nearby Memphis with the ducks. It's also a Nashville college that merged with Vanderbilt. (Plus an Alex Chilton record label! (-: ).

The official name is "The Peabody Opera House at The Henry W. Kiel Auditorium" but "The Peabody" will be ultimately what it gets called because that's the way they call everything around St. Louis, for example, "The Touhill". I wish they had been more forthright and called it the Peabody *Energy* Opera House. But they tried to have it both ways (corporate yet swishy) ... and it just ends up being ... like a lot of things around St. Louis ... HOOSIER.