Saturday, August 16, 2014

Umpteenth bad experience with

 I went to the store to try to pick this up a small electronics item I had purchased online. But nothing was as the email saying that my order was ready was as it said it would be.  There was no attendant on duty at counter. Nor was there a button to alert a sales associate, as the email said . I had to go track one down from another department. The sales associate said their scanner did not work. Therefore I would have to present a government ID. I presented a stack of 40 credit cards, library cards and other IDs but he would not take any of them. (I had walked to the store and did not have a government ID on me).  The email I received said nothing about having to have a government ID on my person. It was just supposed to be "scan and out". The sales associate called a manager to get approval to use one of my other IDs. But the manager did not answer the phone call. We waited about 10 minutes, and he called again. At that point, I left because I had to pick up my son. I will never use again. Other things about the web interface, the lack of availability of items, tells me that this is not a good system. I have to admit that Amazon has you beat ( even though I do not like Amazon for other reasons, I will have to use them).  Walmart is, at bottom, a brick-and-mortar store and obviously not prioritizing sales.