Monday, September 27, 2010

Listening to Sunday football on the radio: ruminations of a casual fan of a poor team

2 Quick Hits:

#1: I am a very casual football fan. And don't listen to sports radio at all. But I do listen to Rams football pre- post- and game coverage on KLOU and now 101.1 ... as a form of background noise/"Sunday nerve therapy" for me, if nothing else. Consequently, I don't get too low when the Rams are down nor too high when they're on the uptick.

But the enthusiasm, post-game yesterday had me tuning out. I couldn't stand it another second. They actually read, with approval, some guy's text into the station which said, "Dallas [Super Bowl] here we come!" instead of instantly hitting delete as they should*. So much for 'editorial sifting'. (I haven't even learned the names of who does that show yet.) I mean i am as glad as everyone else that the team is showing some promise, but ...

And how long do these post-game shows go on for? Monday morning? I feel like telling 101.1, "Don't you have a format to go home to?".

#2 I consider it one of the flaws of football that of all the sports that have 6 or more positions, it is the sport with 22 positions that is most influenced by one position. And that a team can change overnight with an addition/subtraction at that position (QB). It's probably great for league parity, but it's too unrealistic for my tastes. "Let 'em rebuild", I say. A good lo-o-o-ng time.

And all the other 21 guys that sucked last year are suddenly [i]great[/i]? Why weren't they great last year on their own? Not enough pride?? Oh, they were down in their dobbers because they didnt have the right quarterback and now that they have the right quarterback they're "free, free, FREE to be who they really are"??? (sorry about accidentally breaking into a lisp there)

Anyway, can we buy these 101.1 guys some Xanax so those of us in the listening audience don't have to?

* The St. Louis Rams are 1-2 this season and have notched a whole six wins the last three seasons.

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