Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here is why Rick Perry wont withdraw from the race ... right away

I don't have to tell you about Rick Perry's debate gaffe. You already know about it.

But here is why he will wait a while before dropping out of the race:
Amount of fund raising: 17 million*.
Number of days in the presidential race so far: 80.

That's $212,000 per day.  He is likely to try to make that money stretch a little bit farther than that by staying in the race at least until he can send the obligatory Holiday family greeting card to all his supporters.   

I am not gloating or chortling ... because I don't have a dog in this hunt.  But I just find it ironic how much money can go down the drain so fast ... in tough economic times.  Did anybody do their due diligence before they threw their money at this guy?  Or is a handsome Governor from Texas just so "central casting" for Presidential timber at this point?

Note that a big gaffe wouldn't hurt a candidate like Ron Paul who has a long history of saying what he believes in coherent fashion and has a legion of true believers behind him.  But, Perry, who rode in on a white horse as if he were the savior of the GOP ...  this hurts big time!


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