Thursday, December 22, 2011

The smaller the house, the more beautiful the Xmas light display

I visited the St. Louis neighborhood of Lemay last night.  It sits on the banks of the Mississippi river.  And in St. Louis, that is not generally a good thing for real estate value.  For historical and political reasons, Lemay escaped any kind of serious building code-based uniformity.  The result is beautiful tiny houses, each of them unique.  And their Holiday lights displays are every-bit the house's equal for quirk.  Poorer folks tend to hang on to their light displays to the point that they start to fade and change colors, ... sort of pastelize (sp?).

The house, the house of blue lights.
The home of Charles and Frances Cassaday at 1234 Dammert Ave, 63125.  There are a million Christmas wreaths in the world.  Almost all of them round.   The Cassadays dare to be ovular.

Santa landing by helicopter:

Ferris wheeled bears, precious moments, Elvis in the window and a classic example of the St. Louis Iron Pipe Hand-rail::

340 Rauhut in Lemay, a rental property apparently.  These renters really throw down:

A couple shots of 9453 Gentry.  Beauty in variety.  White light and glossy white picket fence with wreaths and bows:
 Faded blue lights, almost white.  Everybody knows I am partial to blue.  It's more winterish than red and green.  A minimalist approach at the rental property at 962 Dammert Ave.  Watch your step:
Un-raked leaves plus chaotic light placement, colors ... for an effect as beautiful as an abstract painting:
Having nothing to do with Christmas lighting, an apparently year-round display featuring three silhouettes of children running, at 9455 Gentry:

By being unafraid of being tacky, the denizens of Lemay end up being twelve times more tasteful than the lighting displays found on the typical McMansions of West County St. Louis.

Pick out one of these streets and drive for a half-mile around.  Neighbors have obviously influenced other neighbors ... but not in a "keep up with the Joneses" sort of way.  The Luxemburgers* gave up on worrying about that a long time ago.

*original name of Lemay

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