Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trying to get into Nora Ephron ...

... and having trouble.

Is she really this banal to have said this?:
What wouldn’t she miss? For starters – ‘The former Soviet Republics, Twitter, the Kardashians, all housewives, illness everywhere, every drink invented since the Cosmopolitan, especially the drink made with crushed mint leaves (you know the one).’ And the things she will miss: ‘My kids, Nick, spring, fall, waffles, the concept of waffles, twinkle lights, butter, Paris, and pie.*
And of her movies .. "Sleepless in Seattle" and other extreme chick flicks? Meh. I don't think this is going to happen for me.

Her parents were both Hollywood writers.  She lived in Beverly Hills, she went to Wellesley, all of her other three siblings Hollywood writers.  Not a lot of hardship or adversity growing up.  Just beaucoup connections.

I do like that she said that as one grows older, everyone assumes that they're going to be immune to age: "I think it's like a lot of things about getting older — you have absolutely no imagination that this is actually going to happen to you," she told NPR's Neal Conan several years ago. "You think for quite a while you're going to be the only person who doesn't need reading glasses, or the only person who doesn't go through menopause ... and in the end, the only person who isn't going to die. And then you suddenly are faced with whichever of those things it is, and you can't believe how unimaginative you have been about what it actually consists of."

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